Sunday, November 30, 2008

Posting to your blog

Feel free to share your comments about the blog set up. Yes, there are couple of ads- I could not help. Just ignore them. If any one wants to tinker with the basic design and set up- please let me know. I will pass on the admin access. To begin with, tell me what you think of the poll!

Now about how to put your posts: If you are on this page, it means that you know its address, which is: this page, on top right corner, click the link: "Sign in".You will be taken to blogger page, which is- this page, look on the right hand top margin for-“Sign in to use Blogger with your Google Account" Here under, provide the username and password, provided by Simran Ohson.

Now, Dashboard will open up. Notice on top right -, which is your log in. Now, if you click on "New Posts" you will get the window where you can type or paste your new post. Link next to it, is meant to edit older posts. There is extensive online help if you need. Always append your name to your posts, as there is no other way of identifying the author. If you forget first time, you can always go back and edit it. Happy sharing!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Welcome to SIHI 2009

A warm welcome to SIHI 2009. This is the first post for SIHI 2009. The posts before this belong to SIHI 2007. You are welcome to browse those older posts. This is the blog set up for SIHI's use. As you add your posts, they will appear above this one, with appropriate links in the monthly archive in the left column. The purpsoe of this blog is to promote sharing and collaborative learning. This process of documentation will also facilitate reflection on our field experinces.

You may get the username and password from Simran Ohson and start using the blog. Since it will be same for the entire group, it would help if the writer will put her/ his name at the end of the post in parenthesis like this-