Saturday, February 24, 2007

Bits and bobs..

Hey students, I was browsing through the news and have clipped a few interesting bits and bobs; most of it is about this part of the wolrd.. Just follow the link to see these clips; Let me know if you have any problem with the link..

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Apperciative Enquiry

If you want to know more about AI here is something for academically minded (!):

May I quote just a few lines form this document:

The Constructionist Principle
• Reality and Identity are Co-created
• Truth is Local. There is no absolute truth5
• We See Things as We Are
• We Are Deeply Interconnected
• Words Create Worlds. Reality is constructed through language

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Testimonies from Himalayas

Friends, here is a very interesting site: it has put up transcripts of interviews of common (but very AUTHENTIC) people from remote villages of Indian Himalayas on diverse topics. I sampled some and found them to be quite good; don’t seem to have undergone any loss during translation or transcription. (see local themes on left column like- Culture & customs, Spiritual beliefs, Health etc)

For example this excerpt, I find quite interesting. I realize that same (as below) explains reluctance on the part of local (Jaunsari) people to talk about polyandry. Outsiders’ adverse reactions have changed their perception of their customs and practices. They have become wary. Jaunsar is the region, you will be visiting.

".years ago people used to [wash the feet of their guests].the guest was also given a foot massage. Nowadays a bucket of warm water is given [to a visitor] to wash their hands and feet by themselves. No one does the massage anymore. People from outside spoke badly about the people of Jaunsar because of this custom. Now we offer hospitality, but not by washing the feet."
Prabha, F/54, India 36 (summary of one interview)

Look at some of the health testimonies. This can help you to decide what questions to ask, when you are in the region two months hence. (health testimonies)

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

In the cauldron!

Friends, we are having elections; It is like getting a ring side seat during one of your bull riding carnival in Montreal-
Lot of noise, politicking going on all around; By the time you come dust will be settled but you might get some tail end action to see! here are some picks from the news:

1. State of Despair - why bigger states should be divided in to smaller ones like Uttarakhand (old name- Uttaranchal)..

2. Inflation zooms to 6.58%- inflation and politics on the eve of elections

3. Election drama now gets a touch of cloak & dagger- elections in sleepy Uttarakhand has become high tech!

By the way, Uttarakhand is the name chosen by the people of this Himalayan state; It was used in ancient scriptures to refer to this part of India
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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Flowers from Summer 2006

May I request everyone to post a picture of their's? and a brief bio?

Welcome SIHI2007

Dear Students
Maintaining MD on web was not as easy as a blog. Blog is certainly more collaborative and quick, since you don’t have to use FTP. And more than one person, in fact a whole team can keep posting to it; and uploading pics and other interesting links too. Getting into a private network like LL also was not as good a solution as a blog for some of us. If I don’t make mistake, this idea (blog) was actually started by either Kati Smali or Kimeberley Kitoo in 2005. But never took off.

So, I think let us have this year’s daily summaries and discussions prior to AI course on this blog in a much more intuitive and fun way. I will be putting up more tidbits, links etc. besides my comments to your posts, whenever I can. You too are requested to do the same. If you have any problem let me know at freely.

Welcome to Indian Himalayas in advance!