Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hi everyone!

Sorry I've been late to post - my laptop died the other day and I've been scrambling to get it fixed (I'm at the Apple store right now actually for the 2nd day in a row).  

I'd just like to say hi again to everyone - I'm super-excited about the upcoming trip.  I'll be modifying this post later today with my research once I have access to my computer again... As for research topics, I'm interested in developmental disabilities in children and what the community does to help them, and family medicine/surgery in a setting that is so different from what we are used to in Canada. I intend to modify and specify my learning goals as time goes by, especially after I learn about who is actually available for interviewing/study.  

Also, I would very much like to stay in Delhi a few days after the trek (to make it back to Toronto by the 14th), so it would be great for those also interested to express your interest/let me know so we can plan away!  

-Jessica Truong

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